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 Huron County Road Commission Contacts

Phone (989) 269-6404     Fax (989) 269-8491 

Neal Hentschl


Gary Osminski

Deputy Drain Commissioner

County Highway Engineer

Steve Watson

Financial Director

Tom Donnellon

Director of Operations

Kevin Arndt

Senior Foreman

Ron Bowers

Equip. Maint. Supt.

Jeremy Navock

Asphalt Insp.

Scott McIntyre

Traffic & Safety Dept.

Steve Kanaski

Survey Technician/Permit Agent

Kelly Southworth

Survey Technician

Dave Kociba

Drain Surveyor

Kristie Koroleski

Drain Clerk

Sue Krozek

Accounting Dept.

Marcia Bowers

Accounting Dept.

Katie Dean

Accounting Dept.