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 Huron County Road Commission Contacts

Phone (989) 269-6404     Fax (989) 269-8491 

Neal Hentschl


Gary Osminski

Deputy Drain Commissioner/

County Highway Engineer

Steve Watson

Financial Director

Bob Thiel

Supt. of Roads

Tom Donnellon

Supt. of Operations

Ron Bowers

Equip. Maint. Supt.

Jeremy Navock

Permit Agent/Asphalt Insp.

Scott McIntyre

Traffic & Safety Dept.

Steve Kanaski

Survey Technician

Kelly Southworth

Survey Technician

Dave Kociba

Drain Surveyor

Kristie Koroleski

Drain Clerk

Sue Krozek

Accounting Dept.

Marcia Bowers

Accounting Dept.

Katie Dean

Accounting Dept.