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Weight Restrictions   

Weight Restrictions Update 3/23/17

Seasonal Weight Restrictions in Huron County are still being imposed and enforced for all roads under the jurisdiction of the HURON COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION.  They will be re-evaluated early next week.  For more information please call (989) 269-6404.

                                               Weight Restrictions

Effective 7:00 a.m., Saturday, January 21, 2017 the Seasonal Weight Restrictions will be imposed and enforced for all roads under the jurisdiction of the HURON COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION.   

Trucks must reduce normal gross weight by 35% on all county roads except those designated Class "A" or any road that is part of the state trunkline system.  Speed Limits on weight restricted roads are reduced to 35 mph for every vehicle over 10,000# gross weight.  The use of any overload or overwidth permits is suspended for the duration of the weight restriction period.

For further information, please contact the Road Commission office at  (989) 269-6404 or refer to the axle loading and all season route links below. 

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